We offer to complete the manufactured furniture with high-quality and long-lasting fittings from leading manufacturers in various price categories.
We offer furniture fittings from the following world-leading manufacturers:
Blum, Häfele, Hettich, Italiana Ferramenta, Terno Scorrevoli, Furnipart, etc.


The price of furniture mainly depends on the material from which it is made. Various materials are used in the production of furniture, but artificial materials are increasingly used. The most affordable and popular is chipboard covered with melamine film.
Here you will find an explanation of the more widely used materials in furniture production:
Laminated chipboard (LKSP)
Laminated chipboards are the most commonly used material in furniture production. It is made of chipboard, which is pasted with decorative paper impregnated with melamine resin. Universal and widely applicable material with high resistance to scratches, shocks and abrasions, which makes it suitable for the production of all kinds of furniture parts. The boards are available in a wide range of colors. The visible parts of the finished LKSP parts are covered with edge finishing tape*.
* Edge finishing tapes are not only a visual addition to the material, which gives the edges of furniture parts a finished look, but they also perform a protective function against the effects of the external environment by covering the free edge of the board. PVC, ABS, HPL and natural wood edge finishing tapes are distinguished.
Standard MDF is a medium-density fiberboard with high mechanical strength. Both sides of the board are perfectly smooth and matte. The material is well suited for veneering, painting, varnishing, laminating and covering with decorative PVC film. Applicable in interior design and furniture production.
Moisture-resistant MDF boards are intended for use in indoor spaces exposed to high ambient humidity. Excellent thickness and size tolerance and dimensional stability. Low moisture absorption and swelling, excellent mechanical properties. Slabs can be used for the production of kitchen and bathroom furniture, for the production of doors, as well as in rooms where the level of humidity is high - as a finishing material.
MDF PLUS is an MDF board designed for deep milling, extra fine wood fiber is used in its production, resulting in a very homogeneous material with a higher density than standard MDF boards. The material is especially suitable for the production of furniture parts, where the quality of deep milling and the stability of the edges of the parts are required. The material is characterized by excellent surface quality and low paint consumption.
HDF is a thin fiberboard of high density, which is perfectly smooth on both sides and is well suited for veneering or painting. HDF sheets with one side laminated are available. It is widely used in the production of cabinet furniture, as back walls or drawer floors, as well as for the back walls of upholstered furniture.
Acrylic materials
MDF board with acrylic coating is an excellent design material. Thanks to its technical properties, it is especially suitable for use in rooms with high humidity levels - in bathrooms and kitchens. The material requires careful handling during the manufacturing process, but it is resistant to minor scratches and easy to care for. Can be used in furniture production and interior design, for example furniture facades, sliding door systems, wall panels, etc. We also offer separately only an acrylic layer for the production of non-standard parts.
High Pressure Laminates (HPL)
High-pressure laminate is a specially developed material to be able to meet the needs of customers in the development of the most complex furniture projects. The material is produced by impregnating several layers of special paper with thermoactive resin, then covering with decorative paper impregnated with melamine resin and covering with another layer of melamine resin for additional protection. Very high quality material, it has excellent resistance to mechanical damage, chemical, moisture and temperature effects. The material complies with furniture production quality, hygiene and fire safety standards, is non-electrostatic. The material can be used for the manufacture of various furniture, including for the manufacture of furniture for hotels, shops, medical institutions, for the manufacture of kitchen and bathroom furniture, for various interior constructions. Most of the ready-made table tops are made of thick chipboard with a profiled edge, glued with a decorative high-pressure laminate.
Veneered slabs
Veneered boards are a high-quality material for the production of furniture, sliding doors or wall panels. The board covered with a thin, natural wood knife veneer gives the final product liveliness and the effect of natural wood.
The final product, made of veneered boards, is more pleasing both visually, and it is also possible to feel the natural structure of the wood.
Plywood is obtained by gluing together several sheets of veneer, most often using phenolic resin glue. The direction of the fibers is perpendicular to the adjacent layers in the plywood. Plywood is one of the most popular wood products in the world. It is a flexible, easy-to-handle and easy-to-dispose material. It is often used instead of solid wood, because it does not crack, is relatively light, but with great strength.
The best mechanical properties are found in hardwood plywood (birch, beech), but plywood is also produced from conifers and tropical trees. These plywoods are used where such good physical and mechanical properties are not required.
We offer a wide range of material choices to realize any of your intentions. We use materials from leading European manufacturers: Egger, Forner, Kronospan, Pfleiderer, Duropal, Rehau, Niemann, Decospan, Alvic, etc.