All about kitchens

Furniture facades
Practical, dense and modern material.
  1. A wide range of furniture options and affordable prices.
  2. A practical and popular choice.
  3. Varied and modern decor.
  4. Fast production times.
  5. Facades of any size can be produced.
  1. Low moisture resistance.
  2. Over time, the fastenings on the facades and the hull become loose.
  3. Cheap LCSP contains toxic substances.
Fenix NTM plastic facades
FENIX NTM® is a fully matt nano-coated material that is an innovative product in interior decoration, combining both elegant aesthetic solutions and state-of-the-art technical features. This material is perfectly suited for both vertical and horizontal installation. The FENIX NTM® manufacturing process involves the use of nano technology and is described as a new generation of acrylic resin that is hardened and fixed by electronic radiation.
FENIX NTM has a very low light reflectivity, is completely matt, leaving no fingerprints, and feels silky to the touch. Thanks to the use of nano technology, FENIX NTM has the ability to thermally remove micro-scratches.The surface of FENIX NTM is also highly resistant to scratches, abrasion and temperature and is resistant to acids and household reactive agents. This significantly reduces the bacterial load, resulting in a hygienic and easy to clean surface. FENIX NTM surface also has water-resistant properties and is resistant to mould growth. 
Painted MDF
  1. A great variety of colours, allowing shades to be combined with each other.
  2. It is possible to create a unique kitchen front shape. Modern technology allows you to create both curved and rounded facades.
  3. Multiple coatings. You can choose matt, gloss, chameleon or pearlescent coatings, or you can opt for metallic.
  1. Fingerprints remain.
  2. All colours lose their vibrancy with time.
MDF Valchromat
Valchromat is an innovative product that combines colourfulness with special technical properties, using only ecological colour pigments that are pressed with a special adhesive.
The main advantages of Valchromat compared to standard MDF:
  • moisture-resistant;
  • designed for deep milling (due to higher density);
  • can be processed 3-dimensionally, as well as using machines;
  • recyclable
  • have a higher bending strength;
  • requires minimal finishing
Valchromat can be treated in various ways: with varnish (matt, water-based, polyurethane, UV-resistant, fire-resistant, etc.), wax and oil.
Veneered facades
With a thin, natural wood veneer coating, the facade is given a lively, natural wood effect.
Veneered facades are both visually pleasing and allow you to feel the natural texture of the wood.
  1. Very beautiful appearance, rich choice of textures and shades.
  2. An aesthetic and ecological solution.
  3. Long service life.
  1. High price.
  2. Wood changes colour over time.
  3. Requires care.
Acrylic facades
  1. Moisture-resistant glossy surface.
  2. Do not fade in the sun.
  3. Wide colour gamut and bright shades.
  4. More stable coating quality compared to painted facades.
  5. Thicker top layer compared to painted facades.
  6. Long service life.
  7. Ecological material.
  1. Fingerprints remain on such facades.
  2. Higher price.
  3. Low resistance to mechanical damage.
  4. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents to clean the surface.
Aluminium profile kitchen fronts
In recent years, such facades have been used to create simple, functional and stylish kitchens in minimalist and hi-tech styles.
  1. Maximum lifetime.
  2. Resistance to humidity and high temperatures.
  3. MDF and glass or rattan and glass can be combined in one facade.
  1. After a few years, the aluminium darkens slightly.
  2. The price of such facades is significantly higher.
  3. Aluminium is not scratch resistant.
Tabletops for kitchens
Quartz Stone Surfaces
Thanks to the implementation of the latest technologies, the production results in quartz slabs made of excellent quality material and with unique properties that meet all the requirements of a modern household.
Dekton table tops
DEKTON is a new concept and unique material tabletop created by the Spanish company Cosentino. This material is made using innovative TSP technology, combining quartz, porcelain and glass, resulting in a unique product category that is unlike any other on the market in terms of composition.
DEKTON table tops are visually similar to stone surfaces, but are extremely resistant to all kinds of external influences - heat, cold, scratches, water, fire and UV rays.
Solid wood table tops
Solid wood is a natural material that is considered an exclusive and long-lasting choice for modern kitchens. Solid wood kitchen worktops are easy to care for and relatively easy to clean, but this type of worktop also has functional limitations.
HPL table tops
Kitchen worktops covered with decorative high-pressure laminate
Artificial stone worktops
Artificial stone has already proven itself in countless commercial applications with its resistance to heavy use, so kitchens are no exception - if you want your kitchen worktop to withstand everyday wear and tear, be easy to maintain and look great even years later, then an artificial stone kitchen worktop is what you need.